Emigrated Germans to Canada and to the U.S. (not yet found)

Johannes Schmidt, born 21th September 1829 at Heimbach

Johannes Schmidt, son of Johann Henrich Schmidt and Barbara Elisabeth Schütz, born 21.09.1829 at Heimbach, Kreis Ziegenhain, Kurhessen, Germany

emigrated 1849 together with his neigbours Johann Henrich Thiel (*24.01.1815, +23.06.1892) and his wife Anna Elisabeth Thiel (Ruppert) with their son Heinrich Thiel (*06.03.1845, +22.03.1921).


They took the ship Bessel from Bremerhaven to New York which arrived there 1st may 1849. The ship list tells that they headed for Upper Canada.

Indeed, Johann Henrich Thiel with his family at least settled at East Zorra, Oxford County, Ontario.

On a research round trip 1998 I found his tombstone there at the Old and New Evangelical Brethren Cemetery.


Despite nearly 30 years of research I never found hints about the fate of Johannes (John) Schmidt. Any information about his further fate after arrival at New York on 1st may 1849 is highly appreciated.